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TeleVideo  Music  
| A Division of TeleVideo Production Co., Inc.


 • What Is Buy-Out Music?

 • Does Copyright Free mean the same as Buy-Out?

 •  Is Buy-Out Music royalty-free?

  What rights am I buying out when I purchase Buy-Out Music?

 • What if my friend at another facility asks if he can use the music?

 •  Can I charge my clients a fee for the Music?

 • Can I use TeleVideo Music Buy-Out Music for a trade show?

TeleVideo Music Library Usage Information
If your project will be broadcasted theres no problem.   However, we do request that you list Creative Support Services Music (BMI) on your cue sheets. There is no additional fee of any
kind for broadcast use. If you are a broadcaster, you would be covered under your arrangement with Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI).
TeleVideo Music can be used commercially, when the music is combined with other audio and/or usual elements added by you, the Licensee, and when the music is not a featured
part of any such project or product but rather an incidental or background element.
Although theatrical motion pictures use of this music is not covered by the Standard License, this use is available with an additional license.

Where can I find the license agreement?

Our EULA (end-user license agreement) describes all terms and conditions for purchasing and using the TeleVideo Production Music library.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the license terms. View sample of the music license) Once music is purchased and downloaded, please send an email to: TeleVideo Music and request a copy of your license.

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