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Free Final Editing Check List
















Have I:
Grabbed  the viewer's attention in the first 15 seconds?
Kept my scripts as short as possible?
Read my dialogue out loud to ensure that it sounds natural?
Used short declarative sentences?
Examined the shades of meaning of each word in my script?
Told the viewers exactly what I want them to do?
Kept it consistent tone of voice?
Eliminated redundancies such as, "advanced planning"?
Chosen active tense verbs?
Eliminated jargon from my script where possible?
Used simple words rather than complex?
Deleted unnecessary modifiers?
Eliminated sexual bias from my script?
Used commas as "breath pauses" for the voice talent?
Scripted visuals that dramatically visualize my benefits?
Avoided jump cuts?
Established new locations with a full shot?
Returned to a full shot after a series of close ups and mediums?
Avoided the gratuitous use of unusual camera angles?
Eliminated unnecessary camera moves?
Used quick cuts to pick up the script  tempo?
Used camera pans to slow down the script tempo?
Used reverse angles to facilitate dialogue?
Avoided special effects to create borrowed interest?
Avoided film cliches (clock hand transitions, falling calendar pages)?
Used montages to save production costs?
Indicated the use of stock footage where possible?
Properly numbered all scenes?
Used slow dissolves to indicate time passage or major change of action?

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